How to Get More HVAC Referral Business

One of the fastest ways to boost your hvac salary is to generate referral business. Referred customers (a) are more easily sold, (b) buy more, and (c) are more loyal. Plus, the cost-of-acquisition is low because you don’t have to do heavy advertising to get them.

One of the fastest methods to get referrals is to work with your current hvac repair customers. So why haven’t they sent you any?  Probably because you haven’t contacted them recently.  Most businesses don’t contact their customers after the product is installed. That will lose business referrals.

When to ask for referrals
The best time to ask for referrals is when you’ve finished either the hvac repair or installing the air conditioner or furnace and the customer is really happy. Positive emotions are at their highest, so now is the time to ask for referrals.  The next best time is during the first few months when you are checking to make sure their hvac system is running well and that they’re getting all the benefits they wanted.

How to ask for referrals
The process involves (a) having a reason to visit the client and then (b) asking for specific people, not just a generalized request.  Here’s how.

  1. Start by making an appointment with the client. Tell them you’re going to provide them with information.
  2. Take a high-value item to the client that is related to their new hvac system. Written items such as a checklist to help them cut the cost of energy will be very popular. (Note: some hvac distributors have these. Check with your distributor to see).
  3. Be specific. Ask questions such as: “Think of your friends at your bowling league. Have any of them been complaining about their air conditioner?” Or “Are any of your friends thinking of upgrading their system or remodeling?”.  By being specific, your clients will be more likely to think of people that they can refer.
  4. Thank them for any names they give you. When you contact their friends be polite, courteous, and helpful. If they let you evaluate their comfort system, treat them like royalty. Remember, these people will report your actions to your previous clients. You want to make sure they say great things about you.

In summary, it’s a good idea to add building referral business to your marketing plan. Referrals can be fairly easy to get, but you must actively go after them.  Take the time to provide high-value to your clients and then ask for the referrals. Your clients will most likely respond by giving you the names of their friends who would be interested in talking with you.

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