The No Pressure Selling® Process

“The fool tells me his reasons, the wisest man persuades me with my own.” – Aristotle

In 1985, Steve Howard used Aristotle’s advice and developed no-pressure sales process for consultants who wanted to sell without using scripts, manipulation, or pressure. Today, tens of thousands of sales professionals use No Pressure Selling® to consistently sell Ideal Comfort Solutions® to delighted buyers. The key ingredients in the No Pressure Selling® formula for success are:


Ask Comfort Concerns List® Questions

The key to every sale

Start the process by using the Comfort Concerns List® to ask questions to help you:
• Discover desires
• Prioritize desires
• Document desires
• Design Ideal Comfort Solution®
• Close the sale by reviewing benefits


Design Buyer’s Ideal Comfort Solution®

“We don’t resist our own ideas..” – Aristotle

The No Pressure Selling® process uses the information from your buyer’s Comfort Concerns List® to help you design their Ideal Comfort Solution®. The Ideal Comfort Solution® is a customized package of features and benefits that best satisfies each buyer’s deepest wants, needs, and desires. When people desire their Ideal Comfort Solution®, you will sell more benefits because buyers usually find the money to buy the things they desire most.


Present Your Wheel of Value®

To add more value, document more benefits

Use your Wheel of Value® to make your presentation. You won’t get lost and forget what to say, and buyers love seeing what you’re saying because it helps them learn quicker and buy faster. Use your Wheel of Value® to:
• Build the highest value
• Present Ideal Comfort Solution®
• Provide the Greatest Peace of Mind®
• Eliminate competition
• Close the sale


Provide the Greatest Peace of Mind®

“Peace of mind is usually our strongest buying motive.” – Premium Buyer

The lowest risk provides the Greatest Peace of Mind®. When you follow the No Pressure Selling® process, you reduce the five risks buyers fear. The risks are:
• Physical risk
• Psychological risk
• Functional risk
• Financial risk
• Social risk


Ask the 2 Magic Questions®

Listening is selling™

Asking these two questions can eliminate 50% of all objections. Before you give the price for the buyer’s Ideal Solution, ask if it is exactly what they want. Pay full attention to their answers. If there is something they’d like to change, now is the time to do it. This eliminates objections by keeping you from giving a price on anything they don’t want.


Invite Buyers to Own

“You always miss 100% of the shots you don’t take” – Wayne Gretzky

The greatest momentum is at the end of the No Pressure Selling® process when you are going over buyers’ proposal line-by-line, benefit-by-benefit. Every time you mention something they really want, the value gets bigger, and the price gets smaller. When buyers see detailed in writing everything they’re getting, excitement grows and the desire to own significantly increases.

One of the best ways to close the sale is to imagine they said, “We’ll take it…Just tell us what to do next.”

All I need is your okay and we’ll get started.

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