Max Profit Selling® for HVAC

Two days of content-rich training designed to introduce dealers to the world of value-added selling and provide a perfect venue to refresh the skills taught in our 4-day Trane Boot Camp. Designed specifically to complement our 4-day Trane Boot Camp and help dealers sell high-margin, high-efficiency Trane comfort systems.

A few benefits you will get out of Max Profit Selling®:

  • Perfect introduction or refresher course for our 4-day Trane Boot Camp.
  • Discover how easy it is to sell variable-speed products, accessories, and warranties because of the value they provide.
  • Make “selling on price” a thing of the past.
  • Increase your closing ratio and average system selling price with three simple tools.
  • Learn a simple presentation that makes gaining your customer’s approval and closing the sale a snap.
  • Learn to ask the two simple questions that eliminate over 50% of all objections.
  • Receive essential presentation pages ready to be used in your customer’s home to build value and help close sales.

Three tools you’ll get by attending (that you won’t find anywhere else!):

  • Comfort Concerns List©: Learn to ask the right questions to discover your customer’s needs and desires. Help your customers sell themselves.
  • Estimated Energy Savings©: An easy-to-use tool to show the advantage of high-efficiency products.
  • Wheel of Value©: Learn to lock out the competition with the four things your customers need, which your competition can NEVER provide.

Contact us for more information and get ready to maximize your profits this year!

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