Owners Only Drive Kickoff

It doesn’t matter if you’re a company of 3 or 3,000, creating a culture starts at the top.  When leaders have a well thought-out roadmap for where they want to go, it’s easy to get the rest of the team on board.  In this session, participants will spend time setting goals for the development of the entire company.

Maybe even more importantly, participants will leave with all of the tools they need to maximize the return on their investment by increasing the long-term implementation of the DRIVE process at every level from CSR to RSP.

Key Modules Covered Include:
•    Understanding your market opportunity
•    Business Goal Setting
•    Measuring to Meet our Goals
•    Long-term Implementation


“I have been searching for a class specifically for business owners and the Drive Kickoff exceeded every expectation I had.  The impact on those who attended this class was obvious.  The comfortable and open environment you created in the class allowed HVAC Business Owners to share ideas, successes and failures in a way I have never witnessed before.  I appreciate your hard work and I fully expect this class to be part of our Sales & Business Training Schedule every year.”

Andrew D. Grim
Sales Manager


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