Working in Lowe’s

A two-day program with hands-on training, teaching appointment generators how to succeed in the store.

Attend this course and you will:

  • Discover the full benefit of working in Lowe’s and how it can create ground-breaking growth.
  • Find out exactly what to expect, what is involved in working at the in-store display, and what it takes to be a great appointment generator.
  • Begin with an understanding of the difference between setting appointments and selling systems.
  • Learn how to develop a game plan and set measurable goals for successful customer interaction.
  • Learn the keys to setting up an effective display.
  • Find out how to use demonstrations to capture attention.
  • Gain insight into exactly how to get noticed.
  • Discover how to engage the customer by being “politely intrusive.” This is one of the most important keys to success!
  • Learn the right questions to ask to begin developing interest and start setting your company and products apart from the competition.
  • See how to use keywords and phrases to build the customer’s excitement.
  • Gain practical knowledge on the second day of the program when the class moves into the store for real-world training.

Contact us today and get ready to succeed at with Lowe’s this year!

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