HVAC Testimonials

Thank you for investing in the improvement of our industry.  You have a gift of making learning engaging.  It’s amazing how many times I thought “Dang, that’s a good idea and takes the same amount of effort.  I need to do that!”  I also appreciate that our distributor has partnered with you to invest in our education.  They couldn’t have made a better choice.

James Kester

Powerful stuff! I’ve flat closed all sales I tried on upgrade equipment. If I go against someone who does not have this training, I win.

Steve Rogers
Tucson, AZ

One of our salespeople called back four customers that he had tried to sell unsuccessfully just before your training. As a result of using the tools you gave him, he sold all four jobs on Wednesday for $13,000 in gross sales. Another got two appointments with past lost sales and sold both of them by using what you taught him. We appreciate everything you did for us and can’t wait to attend your class again.

Sue Snearly
Potter Distributing

This program was a huge help to me. It showed me how to increase my closings and my sales price, in turn putting more money in my pocket.

Justin Austin

This process helps me communicate and build a relationship with the customer so that they feel they can trust me and can see the quality in my product and my company.

Anthony Suau
Dad Super Cool A/C

If you’re not following this process, you and your company are losing out on profits.

Brigham Henderson

This program really takes the pressure off selling!

Erik Patomson