HVAC Testimonials

Well given my role in the company as a technician, and the extremely slow winter, we’ve heated up a little and I have quoted 6 jobs in the last month the first two I did my same old approach seeing as I’d not had the opportunity to quote all year, I told myself after the second quote went over and the client was completely disconnected from the process, I have to change this or nothing changes,  I left the iPad at the equipment, got out paper and wrote, followed the steps I learned in the boot camp and I sold 3 out of the next 4, the one I didn’t get they had a 1 year full warranty from the previous owners and that client paid $100 for a new furnace from the warranty company, can’t win them all, but it’s showed me the process works, thought I’d share my success story with you, as I’m a technician first and as most guys like me at 19 years in the field we are skeptical of sales and processes that take us out of our comfort zone.

Jeff Wiley
Logan Services

I left your class Friday excited about the opportunities to make the sales process more comfortable for my customers. (The Pun was intended.)

Last Monday I was asked if I would run a sales lead Saturday when I returned from Charlotte. The lead was for a A/C and coil for their upstairs system. They have two systems located in the attic. I’d planned to start practicing “No Pressure Selling” with these kind of leads. I don’t think I provided Ms. Shen with a better presentation than I witnessed from my classmates Friday in Charlotte but I did leave her home with two 18 SEER A/Cs  with Variable 80s and ACCU Clean Filtration. I made every effort to sell the 20 SEER systems but she tapped out after 20 minutes. What I used to expect to be a $4,500.00 sale became a $22,000.00 one. And to think her only High Concern was Allergies. This proved to me that even an amateur armed with this program can be more successful than “Box Changers”.

I have been in sales for 31 years and I have taken many sales classes. This is the best by far and I love that it is tailored for our profession. I will be meeting with another classmate for lunch once a month so that we can encourage one another and do some role playing. I plan on seeing you at another boot camp in the future.

Douglas Powell
Gwyn Services

Thanks again for the class, I learned and took away valuable methods to sell and up sell.

I actually got to put it to the test last week.  Had a call for a replacement oil furnace only.  I went in with a little bit different approach as the customer was shopping around and was very specific on just replacing the furnace.  While measuring I started working the energy angle and benefits of duel fuel, 2 stage 18i hp.  Too my shock, I up sold him on a total 18i 2 speed hp, trane furnace, new humidifier and iaq package.  I was the only company that even mentioned dual fuel.  In short I went from a 4k job to 11k with the skills I picked up in your class.

Mike Maravas

I want to thank you for investing in the improvement of our industry.  You have a gift of making learning engaging (almost fun).  It’s amazing how many times I thought “dang, that’s a good idea and takes the same amount of effort.  I need to do that.”  I also appreciate that Ferguson/Lyon Conklin has partnered with you to invest in our education.  They couldn’t have made a better choice.

James Kester

I’ve been on 5 job proposals since your class. I successfully closed 3 of them, 2 in the spot. Thank you for giving me a template for success and I look forward to coming to your class again someday!

Aaron Schwartz

Thank you for teaching a old dog new tricks. I have used what you tough me to sell 5 systems this week. I will be back to class next time. I still have a lot more to learn. Thanks again.


Patrick Bensch
Dyess HVAC

Your program has been instrumental in the very successful growth in retail heating and air conditioning sales. Last year I went back to Boot camp with our sales manager and one of our RSPs. We all took a renewed interest in taking all of the steps that needed to be done to implement the process into our culture. We finished customizing the pages of your book to make it our own.  We followed up with our own frequent role playing sessions. With that process in place we added 3 new RSPs in 2013. All three came from outside the HVAC industry. Each was given the No Pressure Selling system training by myself and our sales manager. It has been a tremendous success. We achieved 27% growth in retail sales this year. That happened in a time when our industry struggled to achieve 8% growth.

Tom Beaulieu
Green Bay, WI

Thank you for all you taught me and honey. This is going to be life changing for the two of us and my company. This is the simplest most practical way to sell.
Thanks again!

Jeromy LaRock
Spring Lake, MI

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for hosting the “Owners Only Drive Kickoff” class with us last week.  I have been searching for a class specifically for business owners and the Drive Kickoff exceeded every expectation I had.  The impact on those who attended this class was obvious.  The comfortable and open environment you created in the class allowed HVAC Business Owners to share ideas, successes and failures in a way I have never witnessed before.  I appreciate your hard work and I fully expect this class to be part of our Sales & Business Training Schedule every year.

Andrew Grim
King of Prussia, PA