HVAC On-site Training

Sell the way your customers want to buy®


You’ve come to the right place. Do you want to take home more profit than ever before? As the leader in HVAC sales training, No Pressure Selling® will help you to work fewer hours and make more profit. Our sales training can help you sell more premium, high-margin solutions through a process that’s focused on the customer’s needs and wants. With our individualized, common-sense approach, No Pressure Selling® graduates have consistently been able to close more sales and earn more money every year!

Is No Pressure Selling® the right sales process for you?

The right sales process:

  • Provides predictable improvement in sales, gross and net profits
  • Is loved by buyers and embraced by your sales team
  • Provides the greatest benefits to buyers and the highest profits to the shareholders
  • Is easy to manage
  • Is proven
  • Improves customer satisfaction
  • Is your best recruiting tool

Is this the sales process you’re looking for? Then No Pressure Selling® is the best fit for you and your team!

No Pressure Selling® was founded to help plumbing and air conditioning technicians become successful business owners. Thirty years ago most had great technical skills but zero sales skills; in fact, most disliked salespeople and hated the thought of selling anything. Thirty years later we’ve transformed the way comfort systems are sold today: on comfort, not price.

No Pressure Selling® trains and motivates sales consultants to ask the right questions the right way—from the first conversation all the way through follow-up. Your team will walk away from class with in-depth skills as well as tools they can use in every appointment to close more premium sales this year.

Our sales process has been tested, refined, and proven!

Whether you are just starting out in the business or are a seasoned HVAC professional, you will improve your results with the No Pressure Selling® process. From the first sale to the 1,000th, when you learn how to close more sales using our customer-friendly process, you’ll beat the competition! Old-school sales techniques just don’t cut it anymore; buyers want a sales process that’s about communication, not negotiation.

Visit our HVAC Course Catalog to see our training courses, and contact us today to get started.

I wanted to boost my closing ratio to 40%. Well, my May numbers just came in and my closing ratio was 60%. Thanks so much! Your class is the only way to go!
Ken Beachy
Church Plumbing and Heating
I just wanted to let you know that my closing rate has gone from 51% to 73%. Thanks for your help. Attending boot camp really helps my efforts toward becoming a top-notch consultant. I had a great time and learned even more the third time around!
Carolyn Heckert
Michael Heating and Air Conditioning
Your training class taught me how to compete against ‘low-ballers.’ I sold $35,000 in equipment the first week back.
Ron Magrini
Ron’s Heating and Air