HVAC Testimonials

I left your class Friday excited about the new sales process I had learned. The following Monday I followed up on a lead for an A/C and coil for an upstairs system. Using your techniques, a simple fix turned into a sale of two 18 SEER A/Cs with Variable 80s and Accu-Clean Filtration. What I expected to be a $4,500.00 sale became a $22,000.00 one.

I have been in sales for 31 years and I have taken many sales classes. This is the best by far and I love that it is tailored for our profession. I plan on seeing you at another boot camp in the near future.

Douglas Powell
Gwyn Services

Last week I had a call for a replacement oil furnace.  The customer was very specific on just replacing the furnace.  Using your techniques, I stressed the benefits of duel fuel, 2 stage 18i hp.  As a result, I up-sold him on a total 18i 2 speed hp, trane furnace, a new humidifier and an IAQ package.  In short, I went from a $4,000 job to an $11,000 job with the skills I learned in your class.

Mike Maravas

I’ve been on 5 job proposals since your class. I successfully closed 3 of them, 2 on the spot. Thank you for giving me a template for success and I look forward to coming to your class again someday!

Aaron Schwartz

Thank you for teaching an old dog new tricks. I have used what you taught me to sell 5 systems this week. I will be back to class next time. I still have a lot more to learn. Thanks again.

Patrick Bensch
Dyess HVAC

Your program has been instrumental in our growth in retail heating and air conditioning sales. Last year I  implemented the process into our company culture. It has been a tremendous success. We achieved 27% growth in retail sales this year. That happened in a time when our industry struggled to achieve 8% growth.

Tom Beaulieu
Green Bay, WI

Thank you for all you taught me. This is going to be life-changing for my company. This is the simplest most practical way to sell.
Thanks again!

Jeromy LaRock
Spring Lake, MI

Thank you again for a job very well done. I took away quite a bit from the week and I cannot wait to put it in to practice. One of the main takeaways is how to fold the financing aspect into the presentation; it is just not something we have used at all. I look forward to seeing you in the future at the next training boot camp.

Scott Dedrick
Redding's Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning