About No Pressure Selling®

No Pressure Selling® has been evolving since 1985 when we did our first class for 3 people. Thirty years later, tens of thousands of sales professionals use the No Pressure Selling® process every day to consistently close more sales at higher prices than their competition!

Every step in the No Pressure Selling® process has been time-tested, refined, and proven to work in the real-world of premium solution sales. You can have confidence in a sales process proven to work for over 30 years!

Your business success is determined by your sales team’s success. Your sales team’s success is determined by the sales process it uses. Selling premium, customized solutions to delighted buyers requires a much different sales process than selling entry level solutions to price-driven buyers.

How No Pressure Selling® is Different from Other Sales Training Courses:

  • No Pressure Selling® is a customer-focused sales process that focuses on selling more premium, customized solutions that offer the value customers want, and are willing to pay for.
  • No Pressure Selling® delivers measurable results, consistently providing improved closing ratios, gross profits, and better customer service rankings.
  • Salespeople don’t have to change their personality—there are no scripts to memorize and no abrasive sales tactics to employ. They get better results and have more fun doing it!
  • Buyers love the No Pressure Selling® process because they get to buy the solution that best meets their logical and emotional needs, without being “sold.”

We’re passionate about helping salespeople get better results, and have been blown away with the testimonials we have received from graduates of our courses. Many sales professional’s lives have changed dramatically; their jobs were in jeopardy and they were ready to give up and change careers. But once they finished a class, they went back to work and closed one sale, then the next day closed two more, and so on. Their circumstances were completely turned around, and they are now making a comfortable living in sales, getting the success they deserve!

No Pressure Selling® will help your team get these results, and more. Don’t wait any longer; contact us today and let us help you exceed your sales goals this year!