Solar On-site Training

The solar industry is changing rapidly.


Demand for new installations in the past few years has risen astronomically, and with growing demand also comes growing supply i.e., fierce competition. You need to set your company apart from the rest with a sales process that works.

Is No Pressure Selling® the right sales process for you?

The right sales process:

  • Provides predictable improvement in sales, gross and net profits
  • Is loved by buyers and embraced by your sales team
  • Provides the greatest benefits to buyers and the highest profits to the shareholders
  • Is easy to manage
  • Is proven
  • Improves customer satisfaction
  • Is your best recruiting tool

No Pressure Selling® provides the specialized sales training you and your team need in order to beat your competition. No Pressure Selling® works: for over 30 years we have been helping sales consultants improve their closing ratios, earn more profits, and attract quality referrals.

Our customer-focused approach is what sets us apart. We don’t teach high-pressure sales tactics or manipulation. As experienced salespeople ourselves, we know those old-school methods don’t work!

No Pressure Selling®’s process focuses on selling premium, high-margin products and services. Graduates of our training programs use a common-sense, customer-focused approach to improve their results year after year. With No Pressure Selling®, they’re able to consistently close more sales at higher average sales prices, and generate new leads from happy customers.

Our solar graduates are earning a comfortable living and helping improve their company’s bottom line at the same time!

We’ll show you how to determine your prospect’s desires using the psychology of selling. Once you know what the buyer really wants, you can tailor the focus of the sales presentation. You will learn what questions to ask, how to ask them, and how to answer any objections.

Once you’ve completed our training, you will have the tools and the confidence you need to close more sales and earn more money.

From the first appointment to the post-installation follow-up, consultants who follow the No Pressure Selling® process consistently achieve success and exceed their sales goals. You can too!

Ready to increase your sales and profits this year? Visit our Solar Course Catalog page for more information on our training courses, and contact us today to get started!

The class helped me learn a process and structure that is comfortable for me to follow and allows me to focus on closing the sale on the first call.
Aaron - Solar Consultant
San Diego, CA
The two most important things I learned were how to close on the first visit and how to get all decision makers involved.
Joel - Solar Consultant
Santa Cruz, CA
This program gives you a system designed to address customer needs/concerns and mobilizes them to purchase SunPower systems.
Coley - Solar Consultant
Montpelier, VT