The Greatest Peace of Mind®


The Greatest Peace of Mind®

 The lowest risk provides the Greatest Peace of Mind®

Peace of mind happens when the buyer’s perceived risk is reduced to an emotionally acceptable level. Risk is the likelihood of bad things happening. How each buyer views risk depends on their life experience, lifestyle, and income.

How buyers view risk
Your buyer’s analysis of risk may not be completely rational. Most homeowners know the risk of their home burning down is infinitesimal, but their peace of mind would seriously suffer if their homeowners’ insurance lapsed for just one day.

Trust lowers risk
Every time consumers buy an infrequently purchased product or deal with a new company they know they are taking a risk. The higher their trust, the lower their risk. Use your Wheel of Value® to show you provide the Greatest Peace of Mind® and tell how you reduce the most risk.

Premium brands lower risks
How much do you think it cost to manufacture a Mercedes-Benz hood ornament? Less than a hundred dollars? How much does this logo add to the value of a sharp looking automobile? Thousands? Recognized brands signal predictability. Predictability reduces risk and magnifies peace of mind.

Desire lowers risk
The strength of your buyer’s desire overshadows their sensitivity to risk. Every time their subconscious mind wants something, it starts erasing a little bit of risk so it can acquire it. The lower the risk, and the higher the desire, the easier for them to become happy new buyers.

Negotiation increases risk
Negotiation reduces peace of mind.  When customers want your Wheel of Value® negotiation is useless because you have no competition.

Peace of mind happens when you

  • Build enough trust
  • Ask the right questions
  • Understand their desires
  • Design their Ideal Comfort Solution®

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