More Testimonials

“A year and a half ago I took your training class for residential sales.  In that time I have seen a dramatic increase in sales. I went from selling $500,000.00 a year to well over $1.5 million per year. I just returned from your commercial training class and my first day back I tested the skills you showed me; in return I closed a job before noon for $25,804.26.  For those who think that this class is a waste of time or money, they need to sit down and rethink this through because the longer they wait the more money they will lose.”

-Lance Price
Robert Love Heating and Air Conditioning Inc.



“On my first call my bid was $1,100 higher than the closest bid and I got it.  On the second call, I got a $7,100 job.  We’re booked for almost three weeks and this is normally my slow time.   Your training was the best investment that I could have made.”

-Ed Broerman
New Carlisle, OH



“On the first call the customer had a quote for a 3-ton Janitorial gas pack for $3285.00. I was able to sell them up to the 4-ton 13 SEER gas pack with the 10-year warranty and build the system up to $4,926.00 using the ‘value added’ method you taught me.”

-Doug Smith
Ramco Air Conditioning Maintenance Co., Inc.



“My first month after your training class, sales jumped to over the $100,000 mark – from $35 to $50,000. Four months later my average is $5,800 to $6,000 from $3,800 to $4,000. Thanks to you, variable speed furnaces are now the foundation for every whole package.”


-Mike Casey
Belair Engineering



“In the five months after the training our sales jumped 84% ahead of last year’s sales, and in those same five months we exceeded the 1997 budget. And to top that, our gross margin has increased. We have generated almost twice the gross margin dollars as last year at the same time. Another plus has been that we did not have to add any new employees to do the work.”

-Jay Wade
Wade’s Heating and Cooling



“The principles you demonstrated in the seminar really work!! On my very first presentation, I overcame a $1,000.00 objection. The customer bought from me because I restated the benefits they wanted. The simple strategy of recapping the three benefits a customer desires is the basis for success. In my first month out of class, I’ve sold over $50,000.00 in equipment. ”

-Thomas S. Diab
Parker & Sons



“I had the opportunity to attend your training class two years ago.  Since then my average sale has gone from $2800.00 to over $4000.00.  My closing ratio went from 35% to 57% for the year, allowing me to sell over $800,000.00. Thanks so much and I look forward to seeing you again.”

-Bruce Gray
Willis Heating



Sold a $12,000.00 system, nearest competitor was $7,500.00. Customers were overwhelmed with the possibility of such efficiency.”

– Paul Freeman
GR Freeman Heating and Cooling



“More growth in 4 days than in 10 years.”

-Ken Lyon
Orzech Heating & Cooling