Focus on Financing

Focus on Financing


Focus on Financing is an interactive workshop designed to increase your replacement comfort system closing ratio and price.

You will leave FoF with the …

  • Skills to confidently offer financing to every buyer
  • Process of mentioning financing during every step of the sale
  • Knowledge to build your cost to offer financing into the price

64% of Americans Have Less Than $1,000 in Savings

What does this mean for you?

They would have to borrow from friends/family, use credit cards, or finance a major home repair. Not offering a monthly payment option on every proposal could be instantly eliminating more than half of your potential customers.

Eliminate Multiple Calls to the Office
Speed up the sales process and eliminate the need for multiple calls back to the office by giving consultants the ability to quickly and confidently calculate and re-calculate estimated monthly investment at the kitchen table based on what the customer says they want/don’t want.

Take on Low Priced Competition With Financing
Consultants will leave class with the skills and tools to show Mr. and Mrs. Jones that buying a premium comfort system from your company gives them comfort they’re asking for and at the same time costs significantly less to own with your reduced rate financing.

Eliminate the “I Can’t Afford It” Objection
In a tough economy, affordability is more important.  When you effectively offer financing at the kitchen table, a funny thing happens. Homeowners will start taking advantage of it.  Participants leave class ready to eliminate affordability objections by offering reduced rate financing coupled with the Estimated Energy Savings©.

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