Strategies that Sell Ductless Comfort

This course is guaranteed to help you boost your Ductless Comfort sales and profits, and have more fun selling than ever before!






Create Year-Round Work

Learn how to stay busy year-round installing Mitsubishi/Trane ductless comfort for people who know and trust you. Unapplied labor goes down, profit goes up, and attracting great technicians gets easier. Gross profit becomes net profit when overhead remains constant.

Design Affordable-Luxury Comfort Zones

Comfort zones allow everyone to sleep in their bedroom at “their” ideal temperate. Indoor air quality improves because there is no cross-contamination between zones like ducted systems. Receive tools to design each buyer’s Ideal Comfort Solution®.

Sell Superior Energy Savings

“Going from 15 SEER to 30 SEER cuts A/C cost in half”

75% of HVAC operating hours are below 70% load. As the load decreases so do the speed of the fans and compressor. Learn how the reduction in air and refrigerant flow reduces energy consumption by the cube of the speed. If it costs $1 to run at 100%, it would cost about 20 cents at 50%.

Lower Customers’ Carbon Footprint

You will learn the best way to communicate the “green” benefits Mitsubishi/Trane ductless comfort offers. The lower the power bill, the less carbon in the atmosphere. No duct loss with ductless comfort. Refrigerant won’t harm the ozone layer. 83% of the system is recyclable.

Add Home Value

Learn how to add thousands of dollars in home resale value by helping your customers turn an unconditioned bonus room into a pleasant guest bedroom, transform a musty basement into a comfy home theater, or make the sun room livable in the summer.

Solve “Unsolvable” Comfort Problems

A large number of commercial facilities have comfort problems that can be best solved with a Mitsubishi/Trane ductless comfort. Learn how to find, document, and solve problems that couldn’t be solved with the existing ducted system.

Increase People Productivity

Comfortable people are more productive. Learn how to estimate lost people’s productivity, and then show dollars and cents improvement after installing Mitsubishi/Trane ductless comfort. You’ll also discover how to use productivity gain to produce eye-popping ROIs, which will help you close more sales.

Sell the Way Your Customers Want to Buy®

You will receive the exclusive kitchen-table-ready No Pressure Selling® presentation manual. It’s designed so you’ll never get lost or forget what to say. Homeowners will love seeing what you are saying because it helps them learn quicker and buy faster.

Key to Every Sale

The Comfort Concerns List® holds the key to ductless comfort sales. The information it contains helps buyers design their Ideal Comfort Solution® and makes closing the sales their idea. Reviewing the Comfort Concerns List® when a sale is lost can tell you immediately what went wrong and how to fix it.

No Pressure Selling® Manual

  • The workbook is designed to make learning the No Pressure Selling® process fun, easy, and lasting. Page titles include:
  • What Your Customers Really Want
  • The No Pressure Selling® Process
  • Building Trust
  • Asking the Right Questions
  • The Comfort Concerns List®
  • Listening is Selling™
  • Home Comfort Survey
  • Benefits of Mitsubishi/Trane Ductless Comfort
  • Wheel of Value® Presentation
  • Offering Financing
  • Estimated Savings
  • Proposal and Agreement
  • Overcoming objections

Who should attend?

Owners, comfort consultants, technicians, sales managers, CSRs, and territory managers.

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