How to Grow a Top Ten Territory

The #1 job in 2-step distribution is dealer development

Your success as a Territory Manager is determined by your dealers’ sales skills and business abilities. The quickest way to grow your territory is to help your dealers grow their sales and profits.

Territory Manager Grad School

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Most dealers are great technicians, but are held back by a weak sales process, limited management skills or both. If given the opportunity, a large number of contractors would choose to buy from a TM with the desire, training and skills to help make their lives less stressful and business more successful.


Eliminate Competition
This will help eliminate the competition because when you become your dealers’ sales and business coach, you are no longer competing with other TM’s whose only value comes from products they sell.

Build Lasting Loyalty
Reciprocity is one of the most important social norms governing human behavior. The more you help your dealers grow their sales and profits, the more long term loyalty you inspire.

Develop Your Dealers
We’ve been helping Territory Managers reach their full potential since 1985. As we watched TMs work their way to the top ten percent we saw that almost every one invested significant time developing their dealers.

Become Dealers’ Coach
It would cost thousands of dollars to hire a trainer to help your dealers to improve their sales and business skills. After attending these two classes you will have the tools, skills and confidence to help any dealer be more successful in any economy, and it won’t cost them a penny.

Learn Coaching Skills
You can’t learn dealer development and coaching skills by reading books or watching videos. You will hone new skills in a fun and friendly learning environment that makes new coaching skills last.

Get Results
When both processes are fully implemented expect your average dealer to improve…

  • Closing ratio (share) 10%
  • Average sales price (mix-shift) 20%
  • Gross profit 5%

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