Virtual Ductless Comfort Strategies Course

The Ductless Comfort Strategies Seminar is Coming!

There are comfort problems in a large percentage of houses and commercial businesses in your area that could be best solved by selling a ductless comfort system using proven strategies that include…

Staying Busy Year-Round

Learn how to stay busy year-round installing ductless comfort for people who already know and trust you. No ductwork, no problem, all you need is a 3″ opening for the control wires and refrigerant lines. The long refrigerant line runs, no problem. The ability to improve comfort almost anywhere, no problem.

Selling Superior Energy Savings:

“Going from 15 SEER to 30 SEER cuts A/C cost in half.”

75% of HVAC operating hours are below 70% load. As the load decreases so do the speed of the fans and compressor. Learn how the reduction in air and refrigerant flow reduces energy consumption by the cube of the speed. If it costs $1 to run at 100%, it would cost about 20 cents at 50%.


Adding Home Value

Ductless comfort can be a smart investment. Learn how to add thousands of dollars in home resale value by helping your customer create “livable space”, turning an unconditioned bonus room into a pleasant guest bedroom or transforming a musty basement into a comfy home theater or making the sunroom livable in the summer.

Increasing Business Productivity

A study by Harvard and Syracuse Universities found when the workspace was comfortable and properly ventilated, productivity increased an average of $6,500 per person per year.

The financial benefit when 3 employees improve their productivity by $6,500 is $19,500. If your ductless system costs $20,000, your client receives 97% of their investment back in one year.



Your $495 investment also includes:

Live Instructor-Led Training

This 4-hour interactive course is taught on Zoom by one of the HVAC industry’s most entertaining and effective trainers, Mark Gaylor.

High impact learning

Not another lifeless webinar. Ductless Comfort Strategies are professionally produced with multiple cameras, quality sound, and continuous instructor interaction.

Limited class size

To encourage interaction, the class is limited to the first 25 registered participants.

Ductless Comfort Strategies guidebook

This 40-page digital guidebook will be the “go-to” place to supercharging your ductless comfort sales and margins.

Learn when it’s convenient

If you can’t attend the live program, no worries, the on-demand feature allows you to attend this vital course anytime for 12 months.

Money-back guarantee

If after attending you don’t believe the value you received exceeded your $495 tuition, let us know and we will send you an immediate refund.

Coop may be available

Check with your territory manager to determine if up to 50% of your tuition is eligible for coop training funds.

Who should attend?

HVAC business owners, sales managers, comfort consultants, technicians, distribution leadership, and territory managers.

Are you ready to turbo-charge your Ductless Comfort sales?

Click the link to register and attend Ductless Comfort Strategies. For more information please call Aaron Thompson at 800-515-0034 or email today.

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