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Comfort Survey

A 4 page Comfort Survey form for use in your customers' homes.

Pack of 60. Using this professional 4-page form will help reduce “communication break-downs” between your comfort consultants and installation technicians.

This form includes space for all required system measurements, Comfort Concerns© List, allows the consultant to communicate any special circumstances to the installers, and gives the consultant a place for sketching out the installation / investment. This time tested form ensures everyone from customer and consultant, to the installer, are on the same page. Taking the time to fill out this simple form on every appointment will help improve customer satisfaction and eliminate costly call backs. Order your package of 40 today.

This form is can also be completely customized for your company. If you would like to order Customized Comfort Surveys, please call 800-515-0034.

Profitable Service Agreement Kit

Four Audio CDs & Workbook show how to design, price, and sell service agreements to every customer. Formulas show how much customers can save in dollars and cents.

Program Outline: Explains how easy it is to implement your Profitable Service Agreement Program.

The training leaders materials and workbook:

  • Explains how to design & price Service Agreements
  • When and how to offer them
  • How to determine how much money customers are wasting without them
  • How to recognize and provide benefits each customer wants
  • How to educate customers so they'll willingly say "Yes"
  • and More

"The Profitable Service Agreement Kit helped us get over 100 service agreements the first month we used it. "
Randy Pierce - Owner
Pierce Heating & Air Conditioning
New Orleans, LA

"What a winner! Our service department's best decision of the year was purchasing and implementing your Profitable Service Agreement Kit. We have had over 95% of new customers become agreement customers; a fabulous rate since these people will be calling us instead of hunting for coupons or the phone book. Your "Kit" has helped us increase our profitability and customer satisfaction level substantially. "
Dr. Roseann Cyngier - Owner
Cyngier Systems Management, Inc.
Cleveland, OH

Proposal and Agreement

The Residential/ Light Commercial Replacement Proposal and Sales Closing Tool. Reduces the possibility of unforeseen communication problems, and shows you care.

The all new customized Proposal & Agreement is a great way to set yourself apart form the competition. By presenting exactly what you plan to do in an organized and attractive way, your customers will have the confidence they need to say "yes".

You will reduce the possibility of unforeseen communication problems and show you care. Also, by listing equipment ratings and performance data you demonstrate you're a pro who knows what you are doing. The fully customized proposal will be emailed to you as a finished print-ready PDF and includes:

  • Total customization including adding your company logo and contact information.
  • Enough space to write necessary details during your presentation.
  • Value adding details are spelled out, even if your handwriting isn't the greatest, you'll still have a sharp looking proposal.
  • Routine tasks, add-on equipment and warranties are listed, so when your adrenalin is pumping you won't forget anything.
  • Space for other tasks and details - this area can be used for rebates, incentives, "special discounts".
Weekly Time and Expense Report

A painless way for you and your field employees to keep track of all their time and expenses. This report also tracks out of pocket expenses, vehicle MPG and all uncompleted work. This camera ready form only $19.95 each.

Commercial Service Agreement Kit

The Peak Performance Commercial Service Agreement Program saves you time, money and frustration.

3 Important Facts About Service Agreements

  • The more service agreements you offer your current and future customers, the more you'll sell.
  • The easier it is to create service agreements, the more you'll offer.
  • The more benefits your service agreements provide, the more money they're worth.
  • The Peak Performance Commercial Service Agreement Program saves you time, money and frustration. Most of the work has been done for you. You can have an in-depth, professional, commercial service agreement ready to go in less than 10 minutes.

The Peak Performance Commercial Service Agreement Program helps you beat your competition, because it provides more benefits than the "maintenance'' agreements they provide. The Philosophy of this program is: Proper maintenance is only performed when all energy wasting problems are eliminated and the equipment is operating at peak efficiency. Each task in the customized Peak Performance Schedules not only helps assure that proper maintenance is performed, it also spotlights and eliminates energy robbing problems, so they can be corrected. Your customers receive a program that keeps their HVAC utility and repair costs as low as possible, while providing the utmost occupant comfort.

How The Program Works

After receiving your program, take the "camera ready'' pages to your printer to make changes to your Peak Performance Service Agreement, and get the pages printed. After printing, simply pull together all the pages that make up the particular service agreement you're proposing. This normally includes the Title Page, (with Terms and Conditions on back), Supplemental Conditions, Peak Performance Schedule(s), the Pricing and Acceptance page and possibly a cover letter. Now just type the customer's information where specified. Photocopy the original and place two copies in a suitable binder. Call the customer for an appointment. After summarizing the benefits the customer receives, ask for an endorsement on the acceptance page, and start the program.

Complete Library of Forms

Hundreds of hours or research and thousands of dollars in copywriting have gone into developing these profit building tools. All the work has been done for you.

The Complete Library of Forms Includes Every Form You Need:

1. Refrigerant Recovery Brochure
2. A/C & Heat Pump Inspection Report
3. Gas Heat Inspection Report
4. Commercial Inspection Report
5. Recip Chiller Annual Inspection
6. Service Agreement Lead Form
7. Weekly Time & Expense Report
8. Vehicle Maintenance History & Repair
9. New HVAC Recommendation Form
10. Replacement HVAC Equip. Details
11. Residential Proposal & Closing Tool
12. Customer Survey & Referral Tool
13. Residential Service Report
14. Commercial Service Report
15. Service Estimating System
16. We Care – We Recover Logo and EPA kit

Customer Survey & Referral Tool

Would you like to know what your customers are thinking?

  • Are they totally satisfied with the work you just did?
  • Are there any other products or services they'd like you to offer them?
  • Do they know someone who needs you to service or replace their HVAC equipment?

Find out with ACT's Total Satisfaction Customer Survey
This package contains everything you need to get started:

  • Camera Ready Questionnaire that can be sent or given to each customer.
  • Camera Ready Business Reply post card form.
  • Complete instructions on using US Postal Service Business Reply Mail.
Service Agreement Lead Form

When your service technicians complete this form, a new service agreement is almost sold. In many cases just fill out a Peak Performance Service Agreement and get the pre-sold customer's endorsement. This camera ready form only $19.95 each.

Special Reports – Managers

Nine special reports written by Steve Howard specifically for managers.

  • MSR1 - Evaluate Your Leadership Qualities
  • MSR2 - How to Decrease Your Overhead
  • MSR3 - How to Increase Your Profitability
  • MSR4 - How to Manage Non-Billable Labor
  • MSR5 - How to Increase Your Productivity
  • MSR6 - How to Increase Your Cash Flow
  • MSR7 - How to Increase Your Market Share
  • MSR8 - How to Become a Team Marketing Organization
  • MSR9 - How to Take Advantage of Change
Special Reports – New

Special Reports for the 21st Century written by Steve Howard. Includes:

  • SSR01 - How to Sell More Top-of-the-Line Systems
  • SSR02 - 7 Ideas For Selling Air Conditioning
  • SSR03 - 10 Principles of Selling Value
  • SSR04 - 12 Ways To Build Trust That Closes Sales
  • SSR05 - 10 Secrets to Selling Residential Systems
  • SSR06 - 12 Things People Want When Buying From You
  • SSR07 - 10 Keys to Getting Service Techs to Sell
  • SSR08 - 10 Principles For More Profitable Retrofit
  • SSR09 - Seven Steps to Sales Success
  • SSR10 - How to Close More Replacement Sales
  • SSR11 - 4 Trends That Fuel Success
  • SSR12 - 5 Steps to Selling More Commercial Systems
  • SSR13 - How to Listen the Customer Into Buying
  • SSR14 - Customers Save Money w/ Service Agreements
  • SSR15 - Sell Systems & Service at Higher Prices
  • SSR16 - Selling Commercial Service Agreements
  • SSR17 - 5 Way Service Agreements Redue Worry
  • SSR18 - Guarantee Your Company's Future