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Proposal and Agreement

The Residential/ Light Commercial Replacement Proposal and Sales Closing Tool. Reduces the possibility of unforeseen communication problems, and shows you care.

The all new customized Proposal & Agreement is a great way to set yourself apart form the competition. By presenting exactly what you plan to do in an organized and attractive way, your customers will have the confidence they need to say "yes".

You will reduce the possibility of unforeseen communication problems and show you care. Also, by listing equipment ratings and performance data you demonstrate you're a pro who knows what you are doing. The fully customized proposal will be emailed to you as a finished print-ready PDF and includes:

  • Total customization including adding your company logo and contact information.
  • Enough space to write necessary details during your presentation.
  • Value adding details are spelled out, even if your handwriting isn't the greatest, you'll still have a sharp looking proposal.
  • Routine tasks, add-on equipment and warranties are listed, so when your adrenalin is pumping you won't forget anything.
  • Space for other tasks and details - this area can be used for rebates, incentives, "special discounts".
Weekly Time and Expense Report

A painless way for you and your field employees to keep track of all their time and expenses. This report also tracks out of pocket expenses, vehicle MPG and all uncompleted work. This camera ready form only $19.95 each.

Commercial Service Agreement Kit

The Peak Performance Commercial Service Agreement Program saves you time, money and frustration.

3 Important Facts About Service Agreements

  • The more service agreements you offer your current and future customers, the more you'll sell.
  • The easier it is to create service agreements, the more you'll offer.
  • The more benefits your service agreements provide, the more money they're worth.
  • The Peak Performance Commercial Service Agreement Program saves you time, money and frustration. Most of the work has been done for you. You can have an in-depth, professional, commercial service agreement ready to go in less than 10 minutes.

The Peak Performance Commercial Service Agreement Program helps you beat your competition, because it provides more benefits than the "maintenance'' agreements they provide. The Philosophy of this program is: Proper maintenance is only performed when all energy wasting problems are eliminated and the equipment is operating at peak efficiency. Each task in the customized Peak Performance Schedules not only helps assure that proper maintenance is performed, it also spotlights and eliminates energy robbing problems, so they can be corrected. Your customers receive a program that keeps their HVAC utility and repair costs as low as possible, while providing the utmost occupant comfort.

How The Program Works

After receiving your program, take the "camera ready'' pages to your printer to make changes to your Peak Performance Service Agreement, and get the pages printed. After printing, simply pull together all the pages that make up the particular service agreement you're proposing. This normally includes the Title Page, (with Terms and Conditions on back), Supplemental Conditions, Peak Performance Schedule(s), the Pricing and Acceptance page and possibly a cover letter. Now just type the customer's information where specified. Photocopy the original and place two copies in a suitable binder. Call the customer for an appointment. After summarizing the benefits the customer receives, ask for an endorsement on the acceptance page, and start the program.

Service Agreement Lead Form

When your service technicians complete this form, a new service agreement is almost sold. In many cases just fill out a Peak Performance Service Agreement and get the pre-sold customer's endorsement. This camera ready form only $19.95 each.

How to Sell More Residential HVAC Replacement Equipment at Higher Prices

This guidebook is your strategic weapon for selling HVAC residential replacement equipment!

"The Greatest Residential HVAC Sales Manual Ever Written"

More than an information packed, 50 page workbook from the best HVAC sales seminar in North America This guidebook can be your strategic weapon for selling HVAC residential replacement equipment in the 21st century.

You'll learn to sell more by raising VALUE, not lowering price. Until value has been established, the price is always too high. This proven information will help you sell more at higher prices, even if your area's economy is in the midst of an economic downturn.

After studying the step-by-step information in this in-depth guidebook, you'll know how to:

  • Find your best new customers
  • Keep from being disqualified by phone shoppers
  • Gain customer's trust and confidence
  • Find what future customers really want and need
  • Avoid the 3 largest sales killing mistakes
  • Determine how much money the old unit is wasting
  • Provide the best return on investment (ROI)
  • Offer "true" energy efficiency
  • Write proposals that greatly increase the value of your system
  • Price on value instead of cost
  • Present the solution people will buy
  • Use proven closes you'll feel comfortable using
  • And Much Much More