GROW – Business Training

Business focused training to develop to GROW your company and your bottom line.


Training to GROW Your Bottom-Line Profits

Discover how …

.    Increasing your price 1% can increase Net Profit 10%+
.    Net Profit is made with equipment, not labor
.    Moving to big-benefit high-margin comfort can increase Job Profits from 12% to 35%

Is your price right?

Did you know that one of the biggest mistakes contractors make is not properly pricing every job?
What is your selling price?
.    overhead 31%
.    desired profit 10%
.    total job costs $8,000

You will learn to use …

.    Your Profit and Loss statement to pinpoint profit potential
.    Balance Sheet to increase your company’s value
.    Cash Flow report to eliminate stress before paydays
.    Job Gross Margin to significantly improve P&L Gross Margin
.    Job GM as your profit-loss early warning system
.    Test Ratios to measure and improve activities that produce profits
.    14 Profit Improvement Indicators™ to maximize profitability
.    12 Month Profits Improvement Report to manage profitability

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