Six Tips to Get More Google Reviews

Do you want more business? Then get more Google reviews. Studies have shown that:

  • 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.
  • The more reviews the business has, the more trustworthy it is deemed.
  • Positive reviews provide a boost to conversion rates.
  • Most consumers read up to six reviews to make up their mind about the business.

The secret to getting plenty of positive Google reviews for your business is to provide an outstanding customer experience. Here are some suggestions:


Be committed to providing the best solution for your customers. Don’t just be a ‘box changer’. Many times the buyer wants more, but doesn’t know how to state it. So invest extra time with your clients to understand their needs and provide a solution that meets those needs.


Listen, don’t talk. 80% of your time should be spent listening to your client to understand their needs and wants. This builds trust for you.


Ask specific questions to find out their real needs and wants. Ask if the temperature is too hot/cold in each room. Ask if their kids have allergies that the parents want to stop. Ask if the AC unit is too noisy and they’d like something quieter. A page of prepared questions helps a lot. For example, we at No Pressure Selling provide a Comfort Concerns List that contains specific comfort-related questions so that the salesperson won’t forget to ask.


Build their ideal solution. Create a comfort system that fits the needs that the client expressed when they answered your questions. People love buying custom-made products and will be glad you created one to their specifications.


Stress the benefits of the new system. Talk about monthly energy savings, quiet operation, and their son no longer sneezing all night. The client will watch specifically for those benefits and will sing your praises when they get them.


Be courteous, prompt, helpful, responsive, and responsible. Many Google reviewers gush about how prompt and helpful the salesperson was and how nice the entire staff is. Make sure that the client is treated like royalty before, during, and after the sale and installation.

To summarize: to get plenty of positive Google reviews, treat your clients the way you would like to be treated: Be courteous, prompt, and helpful. Listen to their needs and build a system that will provide all the benefits they want. When you do, your customers will be more likely to provide the positive reviews you seek.

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