Six Lead-Gen Tips You Can’t Do Without

Start an Email Newsletter

An email newsletter is a very good method to create a steady supply of qualified prospects. Why? Because people who subscribe to a newsletter are interested in your product, they’re just not ready to buy at this time. An email newsletter maintains contact with them on a regular basis and reminds them of what you offer. Here are some tips for creating an effective email newsletter.

1. The newsletter must contain high-value content. Provide information that helps them. For example: “10 Easy Ways to Cut Your Energy Bill”. Articles like that provide useful content, and the recipient will read them and forward them to their friends.

2. Don’t sales-pitch your readers. Your content should never be just a sales pitch about your company or your products. You can mention upcoming promotions and product specials, but keep that to a minimum.

4. Make sure the newsletter’s headline creates curiosity. Most people decide to read an email based upon the subject line. A subject line that reads “Here’s Why Your Bedroom is Always Cold“ will get people’s attention.

5. Include a link to your website. If you have a blog, include a link to that. If you mention a product, link to the page that talks about that product. Always give the readers a chance to visit your website.

6. Always be gathering readers. Your business cards should talk about the newsletter. New customers should be given the opportunity to get the newsletter. Put a sign-up box onto your website as well.

Send your newsletter out at least once a month, every two weeks at most. You want to stay in front of your readers, but you don’t want people ignoring it because they think it’s spam.

In summary, the secret to generating leads from email newsletters is to provide high-value content that your readers can use, and weave your company’s information and products into it. By staying in touch with your past customers and new prospects, the number of qualified leads that you have will increase.

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