5 Lead-Generation Tips for Networking Meetings

Find HVAC System Clients at Networking Meetings

One of the best sources of new leads for your business are networking groups. Most people like to get together in social groups from bowling leagues to cooking classes to business meetings, and these groups are great for finding new leads for your business. But you must approach this carefully because you don’t want to drive potential prospects away by being a pest. Here are five tips for finding hvac systems leads in networking groups.

1. Decide who your best prospects are. You want to attend meetings that have a large quantity of your target audience so that your time is well spent while attending.

2. Go to the meetings with the mindset of being active in the group and providing a lot of value for the people in it. Get involved, join committees, attend events, and help members accomplish the group’s goals.

3. Make sure they know what you do. Let them know that you sell hvac systems and all of your company’s unique selling points and advantages.

4. Share your knowledge freely; offer to give mini-seminars on topics such as cutting energy costs or methods to extend the life of your air conditioner. Provide free written materials that the members will appreciate.

5. Exchange contact information with members. Do this with the mindset that you’re going to help them generate leads for their business (or that you’ll trade referrals). By doing this you will be building goodwill, which will cause those members to refer their friends.

The “secret” to generating leads from networking groups is to make yourself a high-value member. People do business with other people that they know, like, and trust. When you provide a lot of value to your group, the people will get to know you and from that they will like and trust you. From that point, getting new business will be easy.

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