3 Easy Questions That Sell More HVAC Systems

You can sell more premium hvac systems by getting your prospects emotionally involved.

Most people make buying decisions based on their feelings, not their logic. So how can you get them to buy an hvac system emotionally? You find out how the old system is negatively impacting their family and how a new one could make their family happier and healthier. Then sell them those emotional benefits.  Here’s how: Ask the prospect questions that bring out the emotional reasons.

Three high-impact categories of questions:

1. Investigating Questions:
“What is the number-one thing you don’t like about your current hvac system?”
“Do your kids’ rooms get too cold in the winter so they could get sick?”
“Do any of your family members have bad allergies?”

2. Caring Questions:
“How badly is your son affected by his allergies?”
“How much do you not use your family room because it’s too hot?”

3. Ranking Questions:
“On a scale of 1-10, how important is it to fix your son’s allergies?”
“Is it a low, medium, or high priority to have family time together in your family room?”

Once you have their emotional reasons for wanting a new comfort system, discuss the purchase from that viewpoint, and show them how your system can deliver those specific benefits. When there is a person (you) and a company (yours) that deliberately helps the client get what they want, then they are more likely to buy from you.

Use the three categories above to develop a set of questions that will bring out the emotional desires. You’ll find the emotional wants that are really important to the buyer and you can sell the system based on those wants. Because when the buyer’s emotions are involved, they’ll buy from you.

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