How to Eliminate, “We need another bid.”

A survey by Clear Seas Research found 98% of major home improvement buyers intend to get more than one quote. Buyers have fears, epically when making a big-dollar, unplanned purchase from an unknown person. You can eliminate your buyers need to shop around by offering benefits they want and your competition can’t provide.

  • Exceptional Trust
  • Ideal Solution
  • Exclusive Benefits

Exceptional Trust

The deepest need in nature is a craving to be appreciated.” William James, Harvard psychologist

To make buyers feel valued, ask questions that allow them to talk about themselves, their concerns and desires. Many buyers are cautions of giving too much information to someone they just met, so ask questions that are comfortable for them to answer. The harder you listen, the more trust you build.

Appreciation is judged by actions as well as words. Pause. Don’t interrupt. Takes notes. Writing down what each buyer is saying builds trust by showing you are listening and care enough to put their requirement into writing.

Ask follow-up questions to learn each buyer’s priories in the order of importance. Their most desired benefit could be worth 10 times more than the next desired. Exceptional Trust is built when you use their answers to help them design their Ideal Solution.


Ideal Solution

Our competitors have basically the same technology, price, performance and features … design is the only thing that differentiates our product from theirs.” Norio Ohga, Sony President

An Ideal Solution is a customized package of logical and emotional benefits that best satisfies each buyer’s wants, needs and desires. Every Ideal Solution is different because every buyer is different. There are 221,184 ways to order a Burger King Whopper. Imagine how many ways you can customize comfort with indoor air quality products, financing options, warranties, efficiency ratings, service agreements and much more.

Teaming-up with buyers to design their Ideal Solution can be a fun and exciting experience. Exceptional Trust grows as the process moves from a sales call to a design consultation with new friends. The more buyers want what they have designed, the more likely the sale. In fact, when buyers get exactly what they tend to sell themselves and let energy savings help fund their invest.

Unresolved risk invites comparison shopping

Peace of Mind is the foundation of every Ideal Solution. It’s a green light subconscious emotion that gives shoppers permission to buy. Imagin a balance beam scale with Peace of Mind on one side and Risk on the other. The more risk you reduce the more peace of mind you provide.

Physical risk: If it’s not safe, nothing else matters. Competing products have similar safety features, but you get credit by telling how the feature provides a benefit they want.

Phycological risk: Anytime buyers believe a purchase could result in regret, a degree of phycological risk that must be reduced. Warranties and top-of-the-line solutions can reduce phycological risk.

Functional risk: Problems are not solved by equipment alone. Tell how your design, workmanship and top-quality components help determine peace of mind.

Financial risk: When buyers can’t afford their Ideal Solution as designed, you gain Exceptional Trust by helping them redesign a solution they can afford.

Social risk: When dealing with buyers concerned with social risk, you are suddenly in the luxury business. It not about money, it’s about meaning. Ask questions to learn how their Ideal Solution can improve their social standing, lifestyle and self-image.

Exclusive Benefits

Exclusive benefits make comparison shopping impossible

Until buyers learn differently, most believe HVAC contractors are pretty much the same. You and your best competitors start out with many of the same benefits. Exclusive

Imagine that scale again, this time with Competition on one side and You on the other. Your Exclusive Benefits are what tips the scale in your favor. These are benefits buyers want that only you can provide. For example, your buyer’s Ideal Solution, Your Exceptional Trust, Your Company, People, Warranties and Installation.

Industry research found as few as one HVAC system in 10 was installed correctly. Tell why air flow balancing, proper charging ductwork sealing is what assures they will be in the top 10%.

After each point pause and ask, “Would you like to hear more about…?” When you allow buyers to control the amount and type of information they want, you create another Exclusive Benefit. When you provide Exclusive Benefits buyers won’t need another quote. They can relax, they found you, their buying journey is over.

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