Boomer Selling

Car buyers born between 1946 and 1964 are your most profitable customers, because many have the money to buy the emotional benefits that only fully-loaded premium and luxury vehicles provide. According to J.D. Power and AARP, people over 50 buy 62% of all new vehicles.

Boomer Selling takes you on a journey inside the mind of the richest generation in history. Along the way you will learn the history of car sales, and how that impacts the way Baby Boomers buy from you today. All the key elements you discover in Max Profit Selling® are reinforced in this course.

Boomer Selling shows exactly how to customize your buyers “Ideal Vehicle.” The “Ideal Vehicle” is the one that best fulfills your buyer’s logical and emotional desires. The consultant who can consistently help buyers discover hidden desires—then customize the Ideal Vehicle to satisfy those desires—is guaranteed to improve their sales results!

After passing the Boomer Selling final exam, expect:

  • Your average gross profit to improve by an additional 15%.
  • To sell at least two more vehicles every month.

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