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GROW is business-focused training to GROW your company and your bottom line. The program teaches you to understand where your business currently stands, so that you can set proper goals for the future. You’ll leave the training with an easy-to-implement profit improvement plan to set your company up for consistent profitable growth.


Discover how …

.    Increasing your price 1% can increase Net Profit 10%+
.    Net Profit is made with equipment, not labor
.    Moving to big-benefit high-margin comfort can increase Job Profits from 12% to 35%

Is your price right?

Did you know that one of the biggest mistakes contractors make is not properly pricing every job?
What is your selling price?
.    overhead 31%
.    desired profit 10%
.    total job costs $8,000

You will learn to use …

.    Your Profit and Loss statement to pinpoint profit potential
.    Balance Sheet to increase your company’s value
.    Cash Flow report to eliminate stress before paydays
.    Job Gross Margin to significantly improve P&L Gross Margin
.    Job GM as your profit-loss early warning system
.    Test Ratios to measure and improve activities that produce profits
.    14 Profit Improvement Indicators™ to maximize profitability
.    12 Month Profits Improvement Report to manage profitability

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