Sales Skills for CSRs

Learn the sales process superstar CSRs use to skyrocket sales




Sales Skills for Customer Service Rep

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This program has been developed for all members of your  contracting team to guarantee maximum value from every interaction with current and potential customers.

Some of the many benefits of attending this course include:

  • Learn how to pinpoint the motivations and concerns of every potential customer.
  • Discover how to turn opportunities into solid appointments.
  • Turn appointments into extremely satisfied customers who promote your company with referrals and positive word-of-mouth.
  • Gain unprecedented insight into the minds of your customers.
  • Find out what motivates repeat business and what it takes to create customers for life.
  • Learn to use the telephone as a solid lead generation tool. Too many leads and potential sales are lost because of the lack of a systematic approach to every call.
  • Prepare yourself with the magic questions that help identify customer issues up front through a quick and consistent approach.
  • Find out about the greatest NO COST lead sources and how to turn those opportunities into sales.
  • Learn how to separate current customers from past customers. Find out how to maintain the “current” status of all customers.
  • Discover how to convey the unique value of your company with every customer interaction.

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