Service Agreement Workshop

Service Agreement Workshop






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Service Agreements can generate $500 to $1,000+ in additional services, accessories and repairs. Technicians are at the right place at the right time to document the value customers need to sell themselves. Students will learn how to comfortably offer service agreements without feeling like they are selling.




This engaging, interactive program will help dealers create life-long customers, increase profits and drastically reduce lead generation costs.  Participants will leave with a comprehensive plan for immediately improving and/or implementing their own service agreement program.

Uncover the true value of service agreements and the three key ways they can guarantee your company’s long-term success.  This course will deliver ideas for structuring, pricing, and marketing your service agreement program.

We will spend time discussing who your ideal service agreement customers are in your market, then figuring out how and when to market to them for maximum results.

No matter where you are when it comes to Service Agreements, whether you are starting your program, or adding to your existing, you’ll leave with fresh ideas for bringing on more service agreement customers.

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