Mitsubishi Electric Trane Solves Unsolvable Problems For Historic Arizona Home


Gold was discovered in Big Bug Creek in 1863. The biggest nugget weighed 32 ounces. When word got out, people of all walks of life braved the Central Arizona wilderness to pan for gold on Big Bug Creek.


To make money feeding hungry miners a man named Dionysius Mueller built a bakery, smokehouse and small cabin into the side of a mountain. As the population grow, a two-story addition enclosed the bakery and cabin. Over the last 150 years the downstairs was an assay office, store, stagecoach stop and saloon. The upstairs was as a hotel, boarding house, and bordello.


During the Yavapai Wars, 1871 to 1875, General George Crook sent a cavalry detachment to protect the miners along Big Bug Creek. A rock cabin with gun ports sits next to the “old house.” According to oral history, the cabin was built for the cavalry NCO in charge.


When asked why they choose a Mitsubishi Electric Trane comfort system, the owners, Steve and Charlotte Howard, said:



Ductwork won’t work

This is the oldest, longest inhabited house in Central Arizona. We want to keep the history alive by maintaining the original look and feel. A conventional HVAC system would have exposed unsightly ductwork and damaged the aging building.


Even Temperature 

The upstairs, with big East and West facing windows was blazing hot in the summer and freezing in the winter. The downstairs’ 24” stone and adobe walls didn’t need nearly as much heating and cooling. Having a seperate unit and thermostat for every room made total sense to us.



When we sit on the porch, we want to hear the birds and the creek not the A/C unit. You almost don’t hear the indoor and outdoor units when they are running.


Peace of mind

We’ve had heat pumps in the country before. We never had to worry about running out of propane, unexpected price increases and delivery issues during a bad winter.


Energy savings

The only downside we found with a heat pump is that during very cold weather we used a lot of  expensive heat strip heat.  We were sold once we learned the METUS Hyper-Heating system produces all the heat we need down to 5°F. 


You don’t have to own a historic home to enjoy the all the benefits Mitsubishi Electric Trane ductless comfort has to offer.


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