Rafael Chac


Rafael is a result driven entrepreneur and a sales coach, with extensive practical hands-on experience, his passion and philosophy is to help people reach their highest potential and help them discover and develop their professional talents for the marketplace.

With 25+ year of experience in the HVAC industry, Rafael brings unique perspective gained from his professional and entrepreneurial experience that combined with the No Pressure Selling Process he empowers his seminar’s attendees to unleash and maximize their untapped sales and business potential.

Rafael is well articulated in English and Spanish, he specializes in sharing practical sales and management training, relationship management, financial solutions, key performance indicators, sales strategies, business process improvement, revenue growth, profitability growth, new business development, B2B & B2C sales, and consulting of all kinds.

Rafael is a Mechanical Engineer he attended ATI Technical Institute and the Cedar Valley College in Texas, and he has acquired many certifications in the HVAC industry throughout his professional career including his Texas State license TACLA010721C.

He founded RC Mechanical Inc. 1992, serving the North Texas market, growing his HVAC company from $0 to a $3M dollar business.

The first time that Rafael joined The Act Group Team, now “No Pressure Selling” was in 2006 (on a part-time basis); He was certified as professional sales trainer and coach, mentoring and training sales executives and their leaders in the USA and Latin America for major retailers and manufacturers (Home Depot, Sears, Trane Distributors, and Trane Dealers)

After selling RC Mechanical Inc, in 2012, he continued growing his professional career in Corporate America holding different roles in the industry; as Regional Sales Manager and Manufacturer Rep of different brands such as Mitsubishi, JCI, Bard, Siemens and others.

In 2018 as a HVAC National Sales Manager with Wesco, Rafael was responsible for 35-million-dollar gross sales, growing the business 10% every year. This opportunity provided him a broader perspective and much more ample vision in the HVAC Market at a national level.  Recently Rafael re-joined the No Pressure Selling team, alongside teaching he is serving as a
GM with RCI Climate Solutions Co, his latest venture and new family business.

As the results driven person he is, Rafael gets a great boost hearing the success testimonials from his seminars attendees, how his teachings have shifted their professional way of thinking, and impacted positively their businesses’ financial success.

Rafael es un exitoso empresario y professional en la industria de HVAC, a quien le honrra el poder compartir (en Español) con usted y su equipo los secretos profesionales que grandes empresarios han sabido usar para triunfar en el mercado; Su maximo compromiso y motivacion es ayudar a usted y su equipo de ventas y tecnicos a alcanzar su maximo potencial profesional
y exito financiero a traves de compartirle de su propia experiencia y de enseñarle el proceso “No Pressure Selling”.

Estadistica real muestra que el 80% de los HVAC contratistas terminan financieramente quebrados, mientras que en el mismo mercado el otro 20% se convierten en millonarios, la diferencia es que los exitosos piensan y creen verdaderamente como gente de negocio.

Rafael Chac
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