Raud Hampton


The foundation for Raud’s life was laid with his father in Ohio. His dad formed his mechanical aptitude to see how things worked and how to repair them. In the process, he learned the basic theory for air conditioning, electronics, refrigeration, plumbing and mechanical engineering.

In 1981 he purchased Kachina Archery Center, a profitable business with potential to grow. Raud promoted his business by appearing on local radio programs, making presentations for school assemblies, and performing demonstrations for various organizations and agencies. It was through these appearances that he learned the necessary skills to be a good teacher, speaker, and trainer.

Raud will tell you that his greatest accomplishments are his three beautiful daughters. Due to a non-compete clause when he sold the archery business, he had to go into another field. Raud became a Residential Real Estate Appraiser and remained in this field for approximately 30 years. During the time he owned his own company, he learned the skills required for running a successful business. The downturn in the economy and changes in government regulations influenced him to seek a different career path. Luckily for him, he had good friends who had been in the HVAC business their whole lives, and they inspired him to look into this field as a career.

Mark Gaylor convinced Raud to enroll in the No Pressure Selling® Trane Boot Camp. The training Mark and No Pressure Selling® provided allowed him to be successful in the HVAC industry for many years.  Now Raud is ready to teach those same skills to you!

Recent Testimonials:
1. “I want to thank you for your time and expertise during the Trane Boot Camp last week.  I had never been to anything like that and I was definitely not looking forward to any role-play. However, by the end of the first day I was sold.  You made everything relaxed and interesting.

One of my biggest apprehensions was of boredom, but it was far from that. Everybody there, experienced or not, had something to contribute. That, along with a few good laughs, kept me involved and focused. I have been in “training” with my present company since I started last month. I can’t wait to get out there in the next week or so and apply some of the things that you taught us.

I appreciate the time that you spent with all of us and look forward to using your methods.  Great class from a great instructor!! ”
– Michael Shanker
– Besco Air


2. “I think Raud Hampton did an awesome job with the No Pressure Selling class. I got the chance to be with him and the guys on the last day. Raud got me involved with the guys presentation and I appreciated him doing that. I had the opportunity to listen to what they had learned and how they would apply the information. All the guys did a great job. We have had two of the guys sell a system since Raud was here. They told me they used what they learned from Raud. I would not hesitate to bring Raud back to my next class. I liked the way Raud taught the class material and how he had the guys use it. Great job Raud!”

Thanks again,
– Jack H.
– Woodson-Bozeman

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Raud Hampton
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