Our Team

  • Greg Woodman


    Greg Woodman takes “edutainment” to a whole new level. He has the unique ability to get every one of his participants involved and enjoying the process of learning. Greg is a sales veteran with the scars to prove it. He has been a contractor, consultant, vice president of a manufacturing...

  • Mark Gaylor


    Energy, enthusiasm, and experience most accurately describe Mark Gaylor.

    After a year of observing the opportunities available to HVAC company owners, he sold his crane business and became a partner in an emerging HVAC firm. Mark helped grow this customer-focused business from $150,000 to over $3 million in sales...

  • Steve Hughes


    Success and consistently extraordinary results both selling and managing fill Steve’s track record. His experience has given him comprehensive understanding of and passion for all aspects of the sales process.

    In his 12 years as Sales Manager, Steve grew his team from three to eight full time salespeople....

  • Chris Carlile


    Chris is the master of helping HVAC distributors grow market share and margin.

    Chris’s time as a dealer started out as an installer’s helper. After learning the HVAC trade, he eventually was the investing partner in a dealership sales company.

    As a young territory sales manager, Chris earned the National Top 10...

  • Raud Hampton


    The foundation for Raud’s life was laid with his father in Ohio. His dad formed his mechanical aptitude to see how things worked and how to repair them. In the process, he learned the basic theory for air conditioning, electronics, refrigeration, plumbing and mechanical engineering.

    In 1981 he purchased Kachina Archery...